Aion Docs

Tool List

A list of supported and community created tools available for the Aion ecosystem.

Browser Integration

These integrations inject Web3 into a browser session, allowing users to access the Aion network from a website.


A wallet and dApp interaction tool for Aion. You can find a guide for AIWA over at Aion University

Integrated Development Environments

IDEs help developers get up and running faster without having to install independent tools and plugins.

Titan Suite

Titan Suite is an online integrated development environment (IDE). It allows developers to create and test dApp online without having to install anything. You can find a guide for Titan Suite over at Aion University.

Node Services

The following platform allows you to connect to pre-existing nodes without the need for you to sync to the next work manually.

Azure Node Service

Spin up a fully functional Aion Node from within Azure's software as a service (SaaS) platform.


Launch your own Aion node on a public blockchain network, or join a private network in three clicks. Blockdaemon is easy to set up and comes with a free 2-month trial on all shared nodes. You can find a guide for Blockdaemon over at Aion University.


Quickly spin up and connect to an Aion node with web3 built in. All nodes are free and come with unlimited usage. You can find a guide for Nodesmith over at Aion University.

Explorers and Blockchain Statistics

These tools help you to monitor the Aion network as you develop your dApps.

Aion Explorer

The Aion Blockchain Explorer service, hosted by the Aion Foundation.

Amberdata Dashboard

SaaS platform for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and securing public and private blockchains. Amberdata enables operational intelligence for blockchain infrastructure, applications, and transactions.


Wallets allow you to store your native Aion tokens and other cryptocurrencies locally on your machine, sometimes called offline wallets. Other wallets allow you to keep your tokens online. However, these are generally seen as slightly less secure than locally stored wallets.

Offline Wallets

Aion Desktop Wallet

The Aion wallet is a software program that allows users to manage their Aion coin accounts. The wallet facilitates sending and receiving Aion and gives ownership of the balance to the user.


Protect your crypto assets with the most popular hardware wallet in the market.


The WandX desktop app is a decentralized token trading platform on Ethereum and NEO blockchains for ERC20 and NEP5 tokens respectively, all with a wallet built in.

Online Wallets


A wallet and dApp interaction tool for Aion.


Coinomi securely stores more than 500 digital assets including the AION native coin.


A next generation wallet that simplifies investing, trading, and asset management across all blockchains.


A light universal web-based crypto wallet that supports Ledger wallet integration.


These are the top 5 most popular exchanges that support Aion.