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Welcome to the Aion community! This page is structured for you - whether you want to start mining, building dapps, or simply learn more about Aion. As a contributor to the network, you'll be helping us rebuild the internet, decentralized.

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Token Swap


The Token Swap is now live and production ready. Given the nature of decentralized technology, it is imperative you exercise extreme caution when transacting with cryptocurrency. You, and only you, have custody over your tokens and coins, so it is critical you securely store your private keys. When using the Aion Token Transfer Bridge it is recommended that you perform a test transaction of a small amount to verify that you are using the correct address and have access to your account.

Here's a high-level overview of what you're going to be doing during this token swap:

  1. Create an Aion Wallet that will receive your new AION Coins.
  2. Choose a method for proceeding with the swap Bridge or Exchange.
  3. Proceed with the step by step documentation for your chosen method.

Now that you're mentally prepped for what's coming up, follow all the steps in this guide to successfully transfer your ERC-20 tokens to AION Coin!

Choose how you would like to proceed

Use the official Aion Token Transfer Bridge to exchange your AION ERC-20 for AION Coins.

Use a third party exchange to transfer your coins.

This route is a slightly more advanced process and is only recommended for users who are experienced with token transactions. Using the Bridge you only pay for GAS and everything is completed within one hour.

This is a beginner friendly route with a simple process. However you could be charged a small transaction fee by the exchanges, and could take up to 2-3 days to process.

Optional: Video Walkthrough

Using MyEtherWallet

Using MyCrypto


If you encounter any issues during your swap process not covered in this guide, please reach out on any of our official channels below or

Aion Forum