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Node Setup

Manage and build your Aion nodes.

In order to interact with the Aion network, you need a node to run things through. Luckily there are several methods that you can follow to set up your node. Pick the method that works best for you!

Build a Native Node

Host an Aion Node on your own hardware in Ubuntu.

Building and running your own node gives you the most control over how to set things up. Things like geographical location and hardware may be important to you. This comes at the cost of added complexity, and it can take a long time to sync with the network. We don't recommend this method if you're new to Blockchain development, or to the Linux operating system.

Use Docker

Run a pre-built copy of an Aion node that can be spun-up on most operating system.

This is perfect if you are developing on Aion and will likely have to rebuild the node often. You still need to take into account the resources that the Fast VM uses. The benefit of this method is that any operating system capable of running Docker can host an Aion node.

Connect to a Hosting Service

Connect to a node that is already running and synced up, hosted by a third-party company.

This is the fastest method to get up and running. All you need to do is sign up to one of the supported providers, and connect to the node. We recommend this method to developers who want to get up and running fast. Keep in mind that most hosting providers will limit certain functionalities on the node (things like account management and private key creation).

Node Setup

Manage and build your Aion nodes.

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