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Welcome to the Aion community! This page is structured for you - whether you want to start mining, building dapps, or simply learn more about Aion. As a contributor to the network, you'll be helping us rebuild the internet, decentralized.

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Migrate from Ethereum

A list of the major differences between Aion and Ethereum.

Migrating from Ethereum

There are several differences in type between Aion and Ethereum, all of which are listed below:


Aion: 32 bytes
Ethereum: 20 bytes


Aion: Solidity
Ethereum: Solidity, LLL, Serpent

Data Word

Aion: 128 bits
Ethereum: 256 bits

Hash Function (Signatures and Wallet)

Aion: Blake2b
Ethereum: Keccak-265

Inline Assembly

Aion: Not Currently Supported
Ethereum: Supported

INT Size

Aion: int8 - int128
Ethereum: int8 - int256

Local Variable Count

Aion: 16 Data Word (128 bits)
Ethereum: 16 Data Word (265 bits)

Solidity Version

Aion: v0.4.15
Ethereum: v0.4.25


Aion: uint8 - uint128
Ethereum: uint8 - uint256

Signature Function

Aion: ECDSA - curve ED25519
Ethereum: ECDSA – curve secp256k1