Aion Docs


What the Aion Java Kernel does, and what you can do with it.


If you're looking to download the kernel and get started right away, head on over to our Github where you can download the latest release. Also, take a look at the Node Setup docs to get a handle on what goes where.

Super Brief Overview

Aion has lots of different aspects and products, and everything can get a bit confusing. If you think of the Aion network like a train, the kernel is the engine. It's the thing that does all the hard work, computing all the processes, and pulling the rest of the network along.

Things like the FastVM, local nodes, and third party hosting services all use a copy of the Aion kernel. They are just different methods of hosting the same thing. The Aion White Papers provide a deeper look into what the kernel is and how it works.

This section of the docs goes over how to configure and interact with the kernel directly. If you're looking to develop the Aion kernel itself, or mine on Aion, then this section is for you! If you're just looking to create some Dapps, then you can leave this section for now.

Aion Kernel Development

If you're interested in application development on Aion or make improvements to the Java Implementation of Aion:

  • Refer to the details in the Build Your Aion Network wiki to determine how to start setting up and building your Aion Network.
  • Refer to the Installation wiki for a guide on installing and configuring the kernel.
  • The Owner's Manual wiki will include further instructions and details on working with the kernel.


If you're interested in mining on the Aion networks, refer to our Aion Mining Docs