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Welcome to the Aion community! This page is structured for you - whether you want to start mining, building dapps, or simply learn more about Aion. As a contributor to the network, you'll be helping us rebuild the internet, decentralized.

Get Started    

Install the Wallet

Hold your AION locally on your computer.

The Aion Desktop Wallet is a local application that is stored and ran from your local machine. It is not a cloud application.

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Upgrading from a Previous Version

If you are upgrading to the latest Aion Desktop Wallet from a previous version, make sure to follow the steps outlined in the Upgrading the Wallet guide.


Although it is possible to install the Aion Desktop Wallet on any Linux distribution, Ubuntu is the officially supported distribution.

  1. Download the file from the Aion Wallet Repository
  2. Extract the folder to the desired directory and open a terminal.
Unzip the Package

Unzip the Package

  1. Run the .sh file to start the wallet:
Run the Aion App

Run the Aion App

The Aion Desktop Wallet is now open on your desktop. In order to run the application again, call the script from a terminal.

Aion Wallet in Ubuntu

Aion Wallet in Ubuntu


  1. Download the AionWallet.dmg application image from the Aion Wallet repository.
  2. Open the .dmg file and into your applications folder.
Opening the Aion Wallet DMG file

Opening the Aion Wallet DMG file

  1. Go to your Applications folder, right click on, and select Open.
  2. Click Open on the security window if one pops up.
  3. You can now open the wallet through the Applications folder.


The AionWalletSetup.exe currently isn't signed, which means you may run into some security warnings during the installation process. Just click OK through them. We're in the processes of getting all the Aion installation executable signed.

  1. If you don't already have it, download and install the latest stable Java release.
  2. Download the AionWalletSetup.exe executable from the Aion Wallet repository.
  3. Run the .exe on your computer. Accept any security warnings that pop up.
  1. Follow through the installation and restart your computer.
  2. You can now open the wallet through the Applications folder.