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Welcome to the Aion community! This page is structured for you - whether you want to start mining, building dapps, or simply learn more about Aion. As a contributor to the network, you'll be helping us rebuild the internet, decentralized.

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Welcome to the Official Aion documentation.

New Docs Website!

We've got a brand new documentation site come to you very soon! It's in beta right now and you can check it out here.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Aion Documentation Hub! Here you can find reference docs, users guides, and basic tutorials on how to get up and running with Aion.

Head on over to Aion University to learn new skills and upgrade your stack. If you want to get your hands dirty straight away, check out the bounties currently on offer. And as always, you can join the conversation in our community.

Aion Overview

There are three different sections of Aion:

Each section helps to build to the whole Aion ecosystem.

Blockchain Network

Blockchain is a difficult concept to understand. It boils down to storing data in such ways that it can't be edited once it's committed. It's a collection of computers that share processing power and process transactions. It is also where the programs and functions that decentralized applications are stored and ran from.

Don't worry if that was a bit confusing, blockchain is a difficult concept to grasp. If you'd like to read more about what a blockchain is and how they work, head on over to Aion University.

Crypto Currency

You've likely heard of things like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. These are all examples of crypto-currency. A form of digital money that can buy products and services.

AION coin is the currency of the Aion network, and is used to process transactions that run on the network. Like Bitcoin, AION coin can buy things and can be traded through exchanges.

The Aion Foundation

The Aion foundation is a non-profit based in Toronto. As a quick history lesson: Nuco was a company set up to create and develop the Aion blockchain. In July 2018 the company moved from a corporate model to a non-profit foundation model. We published a blog post explaining this move in more detail.

We want Aion to succeed, and we need decentralized app developers to do that. So our focus is to simplify the development process. This includes everything from creating Hello World with Aion tutorials, to awarding grants for exciting projects! Everyone at the Aion foundation has been hired to help you.

First Steps

Different branches of Aion development.

Not sure where to go next? Why not check out Aion University where you can explore different technologies and learn new skills. Or jump straight in and tackle one of the bounties currently on offer. Finally, you can join the conversation on any of our social platforms.

Need Help?

If you get stuck, try searching these docs 👆 or head over to our Gitter channels or StackOverflow for answers to some common questions.