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Get Started

  1. Download and unzip the latest AVM build:
tar xvzf avmtestnet-2019-02-08.tar.bz2
  1. Move into the AVM folder and run the Aion Virtual Machine:
cd avmtestnet-2019-02-08/lib
java -jar avm.jar

> Usage: AvmCLI [options] [command] [command options]
  1. Deploy the sample Hello World application to your local AVM network:
java -jar avm.jar deploy ../dapp.jar

> ...
> Result status: SUCCESS
> Dapp Address : 0f3b39f4e8b4bd60d55d8e803547365d44d169770795ca9192eec3e20163e111
> ...
  1. Copy the Dapp Address and call the sayHello command in the newly deployed application:
java -jar avm.jar call 0f3b39f4e8b4bd60d55d8e803547365d44d169770795ca9192eec3e20163e111 -m "sayHello"

> ...
> Output from transaction d29271db4d81bfaed55daff7c54a15ab0e664a9ca7e3c23f4224cff6c2fb93ab
> Hello World!
> ...
  1. You're done!

What you just did was pretty cool. You ran the Aion Virtual Machine and created a small blockchain on your local computer. Then you deployed a Java based blockchain application to this local blockchain, and then you called a method in it! We cover how the AVM works in more details over at the Aion Virtual Machine section of the docs.

Need Help?

If you get stuck, try searching these docs 👆 or head over to our Gitter channels or StackOverflow for answers to some common questions.